Expert design-build landscape, irrigation, lighting, and utility systems & services

Keeping your outdoor landscape beautiful definitely takes some effort, a landscape is full of living plants and trees, after all.

Reliable, water-conserving irrigation and drip systems can alleviate the amount of effort… and that’s where we can help.

Custom designs for you, your family, and your life

If you can talk about what you’d like to do in the outdoors, how you’d like to enjoy it, and what you’d like to accomplish, we can design it. We’ve been doing exactly this since 1972, and we would love to design your landscape for you.

Lower the maintenance needed and the water costs with drip irrigation

Keep your landscape design investment alive (literally) with our reliable drip irrigation systems, pumps, and service contracts for maintenance. Drip irrigation systems are ideal for both design and water conservation. If you’re looking to enjoy your outdoor space without having to work hard to maintain it or work in it, we’re here to serve.

Safety and beauty with quality outdoor lighting

Expert lighting can effectively extend your day so you can enjoy more of your property, more often. Outdoor decks, kitchens, and entertainment areas can accomplish this. Oh, don’t forget the outdoor firepit!

Plus, good lighting design and installation adds another measure of safety to your property as crime and critter deterrents.

Choose Iliad, Inc.

Chances are good that you’ve witnessed our work around the Greater Seattle Area already: from backyard decks and gardens to business parks, we’ve laid the irrigation and lighting foundation for myriad Seattle-area projects over several decades.

Neighborhood playfields and P-Patches? Yes.

Plus, residential properties and yards of all sizes, including waterfront homes.

Iliad, Inc.: Your outdoor landscape, water, light, water feature, and pond experts.

Let’s talk about your landscape project